Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easy Mediterranean Cold Pizza!!

I stopped at the farmers market on culver city today, I been wanted to stop since I noticed it 2 years ago!! the vegetables and fruits there are unbelievably FRESH.  All the colors and aromas just scream eat me, please!!! I originally stop to get plums and blueberries for a crumble tart that I been craving for days now, but I walk out with bread and hummus cheese and other  vegs and fruits and no; no plums or blueberries!! so I get home and I'm starving I had a lot of work today and did include time for lunch, so in a nick of a time this is what I put together.

Easy Mediterranean cold pizza.

1 Greek flat pita bread
2 tbsp of garlic hummus
2 tbsp of taboulie
1 tbsp of crumbled feta with Mediterranean herves
 truffle oil or olive oil

Spread the hummus all around the pita bread don't forget the edges, add the taboulie all around and then sprinkle with the feta finish with a drizzle of truffle oil or olive oil.

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