Monday, June 13, 2011

3rd cooking class

A cook not only has to be skilled but also creative and spontaneous and always be ready for the challenge or if disaster happens! always need to have an exit strategy or a back up plan.   Today we have our monthly cooking class with the girls and it was challenge like class.  I came out with all this random ingredients and they had 3 hours to cook what ever they can! A little CHOPPED style class and this are the ingredients:

Boneless skinless chicken breast, bacon, heavy cream, provolone cheese, roma tomatoes, red and yellow onions, potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, flour, spinach, basil, dill, cuscus and the spice rack.

and this is what they came out with.

Bacon rap chicken.
Stuffed chicken breast with spinach provolone cheese and mushrooms.
cream sauce chicken breast.
chicken strips.
caramelized red onions with mushrooms.
potatoes with spinach and turmeric.
dill mashed potatoes.
bacon rapped asparagus.     
sweet raisin cuscus.

This was there face after I gave them the news about today's class.

But they did great the food came out very tasty.

Until next time girls!!!.


  1. Yum yum yum! Looks delicious. I'd like to try the potatoes with spinach and turmeric.
    xx Miss W (Bumble)

  2. I did that one! :) Someone that I know did it a couple of months ago and you are right is very yummy, and so easy that it just stayed in the back of my mind! ;)