Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Back!!!

A couple of months ago I had a accident that left me with a broken thumb and half a nail chopped of! it was bad for those who fallow me on facebook might remember! it all happen when I was trying to rescue one of my adopted  dogs Pepper boy a 13 yrs old Dalmatian we where at the dog park on a sunny afternoon he was running around with his two girlfriends Dotsie and Bean out of the nowhere this black dog jumped and starting fighting pepper he had him in a lock around his neck I panic and my instinct kicked in my only reaction was to hit this other dog that was causing so much hurt and pain to Pepper I was trying by best and fallowing the commotion as in a moment I felt something stop me and I couldn't  move I turned around to look and it was this dogs friend that was probably upset that I was hitting his friend he had me by my thumb and it wouldn't let go I pulled my hand as hard a I could and finally got away to get Pepper out of trouble finally this other dog let go of Pepper and we both started to notice our injuries it was a bad day for both Pepper boy and I.   And for all of those that had the guts to mention, why did I put my hand in the middle of a dog fight? I will say it like this, when there is something that you care about very deeply and you see it getting hurt your first human instinct is to HELP if you don't feel that way you're just not human enough.  So now almost 3 months after, we all are alright my thumb is getting better and I can't wait to get back in my kitchen and clear the dust off my stove! 

Pepper boy
(L to R) Pepper boy, Bean, Dotsie.

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