Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fried egg grilled cheese sandwich

My all time favorite American food is a well done and crisp grilled cheese sandwich.  But this time I gave it a twist I use provolone cheese and put a fried egg in it, it was tasty but is better when you use American cheese!  I will have to say that the egg part was a good addition, so I tried it again with American cheese and it was glorious!!!!  And remember if you want an even and buttery and crispy crust butter the out side of the sandwich all over the bread and use a medium high flame and make sure that your pan in very hot.


  1. This makes a great breakfast for kids. I usually replace it with nutella as my kids don't prefer peanut butter.

    Cheese Sandwich and Fried Egg

  2. Yes!! Nutella rocks my world ����